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We have a whole page that explains this in detail here.

Ref: T1050, S7090, S8200, T2200, T1020, S7070r

This is likely due to Interferece you may require a UHF Band Pass Filter.

Ref T1000, T2200, T1050

FreeviewPlus makes on demand viewing easy as! Introducing an ALL NEW FreeviewPlus TV guide, you can see what''s on for the next 8 days ahead, plus roll back 8 days to catch up on shows you missed. With the ability to stream over 600 shows or movies anytime from TVNZ OnDemand, 3NOW and Maori Television OnDemand straight to your TV. Switch easily between Live TV and On Demand with a single click. Looking it up has also never been easier, search by show title or browse by genre across a great collection of live programmes from all channels as well as the on demand libraries.

More details on Freeviews Website. FreeviewPlus Requires a internet connections to access.

Ref: T2200, S8200 , S8100, T2100, S8300
If you don't want to see the FreeviewPlus mini guide each time you change channel From live broadcast TV, using your remote:

1. Press the RED button to load FreeviewPlus. You'll see the mini guide.

2. Press the RED button again to load the MENU.

3. Tap the RIGHT ARROW key to navigate across the MENU to SETTINGS (the 'gear' icon)


5. Tap the LEFT ARROW key until OFF is displayed.

6. Tap the RETURN key until you go back to live TV, or press the EXIT key.

Now you won't see the mini guide pop up each time you change channel. You can still access FreeviewPlus by pressing the RED button any time!

Ref: S8200 , S8100, S8300

Please try pressing the TV/R or the TV Radio button on your remote control.

Ref: S7010PVR, S8200, S8100, S7070rHD, T2200, T2100.