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4 Port 4 Rec Powered Multiswitch
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A multiswitch allows a number of receivers to choose between a number of LNBs. The LNBs can be mounted on one or many dishes. The receivers can be in separate rooms. This 4 Port Multiswitch allows 4 LNB inputs and 1 RF input from an aerial. It can output to 4 receivers giving each of them the option to choose either of the 4 LNBs without interfering with the other receivers. It uses the 13v/18v and the 22khz settings in the menu.

Also at each receiver you can use a satellite diplexer (see related products below) to split off the satellite and RF (aerial) signals. The satellite signal is fed to the receiver and the RF (aerial) signal is fed to the TV directly. This allows the use of one cable for both satellite and RF (aerial) signals. However it must be understood that this is a compromise and does result in some signal loss. The single cable option should only be used when a single cable is already inside the wall and you can not run another cable.

The Mutltiswitch can be used solely for satellite, without using an RF signal. Uses F connections. This Multiswitch requires a power point so it must be mounted inside.

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