To Load the channel data and software onto your S7050PVR you will need to follow these steps.

Unzip the downloaded file and place the files from the zip file onto your flashdrive.

Insert the Flash drive you have extracted the channel data files onto into the USB port on the receiver.

  1. Go into the Main Menu
  2. Move across to Tools and Select "Upgrade By USB" and press OK
  3. Select "Upgrade File" and make sure the frequency matches your LNB.
  4. Make sure Upgrade Mode is set to "Allcode + Bootloader"
  5. Select "Start" and push OK
  6. Push OK on Yes
  7. The unit will load the data and restart.

If you don't know your LNB frequency that's fine just select any file, if your channels have no signal after you have loaded the file just follow the steps again and select the other file.